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Tip of the Week: C4 Framework iPad Apps

I had a great time yesterday with a group of secondary social studies teachers – we got to spend the entire day talking about integrating technology into their classrooms. How cool is that?

Yup. You’re right. Very cool.

It was the kind of day where we got to chat about a whole bunch of different stuff. We jumped from best practice to assessments to Google Earth to online primary sources to the pros/cons of BYOD initiatives. We also talked a bit about iPads and iPad apps.

So  . . . today’s tip? A list of iPad apps aligned to my C4 Framework. The Framework is designed to help teachers develop quality lesson and unit designs that focus on historical thinking skills. Read more

History Nerd Fest 2013 – Primary sources and emerging technology

Can we use primary sources and technology to promote civic engagement? Richard Hartshorne and Scott Waring of University of Central Florida say yes.

They shared a great set of resources to help you structure your use of technology in the classroom.  They didn’t really share specific examples about civic engagement activities with these tools – mostly a review of the different tools – but they do have one lesson idea online.

All of the tech tools are free and easy to use: Read more

Graphite: Find the best apps, games, and sites

The digital landscape that you and your kids have to navigate has exploded. Mobile technology, apps, instant access, digital content. The stuff is everywhere. And all of the stuff is changing how we do school.

But sometimes it feels like there is just too much. Sometimes it’s easier to just throw up our hands and try to ignore everything out there. How do we sort through all of it? We need unbiased and relevant information that can help us find the best of what we’re looking for.

And now there’s help. Read more

7 geography games that align to the Common Core

I’ll be honest. I threw that “align to the Common Core” phrase in there to suck in more site traffic. But, hey, you’re already here. You might as well browse through these sweet geography games that really are good for kids.

(Kidding! Common Core and C3 alignments at the bottom of the page!)

Read more

6 social studies iPad apps you need to fall in love with

I’ve had a ton of fun over the last few weeks, working with teachers across the Midwest on the best ways to integrate iPads into their instruction. I’m convinced that teachers need both content-neutral and content-specific apps to be successful. Content-neutral apps such as Pages, Notability, and Paper 53 provide the tools you need to create and share products.

Content-specific apps can introduce and reinforce the stuff in our curriculum. Find six of my latest content-specific favs below. Some free. Some not. But all so cool, you’ll fall in love. Read more

7 ways to use your iPad in the social studies classroom

Have iPads? Getting iPads? Confused a bit about how to actually use iPads?

You’re not alone. Tons of schools are jumping on the mobile tablet bandwagon. But they often jump on without giving teachers a whole lot of training. The infographic below – created by Tony Vincent and posted on his awesome Learning in Hand site – can be a jumpstart to learning more about how the iPad can impact teaching and learning. (Head over there and get the large six page version or a huge 24 page version.)

It highlights seven ways that you can use iPads in the classroom: Read more


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