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Can you ever have too many primary sources?

The answer is . . . no.

There is always room for Jello. You can’t ever eat just one. And you can never have too many primary sources.

I spent the day working with a group of K-12 social studies teachers; took part in some great conversations and overheard others. Among other things, the group is working to create high-quality document based learning activities. They are using Document Based Questions as one of their forms of both formative and summative assessments.

I really like the idea of having kids mess around with documents and try to make sense of them. Obviously there is an art and science to writing a high-quality DBQ.

But one of the problems is finding high-quality primary sources.

So together we started to put together a short list of sites that can provide a variety of resources, activities and teaching materials. I’ve talked about NARA’s DIgital Vaults and Historical Thinking Matters. But thought you might be interested in some of the others they found:


“Jello.” jmintyfreshflavor’s Photostream May 26, 2008. June 17, 2008.
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  1. Thanks, Glenn! This will be helpful for a lot of teachers out there!

    Some additional favorites:

    The Authentic History Center
    By far, my favorite site for not only primary text, but also songs and other artifacts.

    List compiled by Eduplace, dealing with American History and World History:

    American Memory from the Library of Congress

    Avalon Project


    Making of America (although this one is tougher to use)

    June 18, 2008

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