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Inauguration 2009 resources

Need some 2009 Presidential Inauguration lesson plans and resources? Look no further!

Update – Wednesday  January 14

Lisa Nielsen over at Innovative Educators has posted some more great stuff! She’s got more details on her site (yes . . . this is when you head on over there) but I’ve grabbed just a few clips below from her stuff.

The New York City Department of Education has put together a fantastic 18-page compilation of activities and resources you can use on Inauguration Day (January 20) by clicking here.

Streaming on the Internet
Major news web sites will offer live streaming video and audio of the ceremony. Visit your favorite TV Network or Cable station for details. Here are a few links to sites that will carry the broadcast streamed via the internet.

  • C-SPAN main streaming page.
  • CNN Live page.
  • New York Times will be streaming the inauguration live.
  • Inaugural Senate site will be live streaming the event.
  • LINK-live Inaugural Gala uses digital technologies to bring Americans together to participate in conversations through video feeds, Flickr streams, liveblogs and more. Note: Content from the inauguration ceremony will not be available until after the ceremony has concluded. Great for follow up activities.
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  1. Thanks for pointing your readers to my blog. I hope they find these ideas focused on using 21st Century tools to enhance learning about the inauguration helpful. I also have a post on how to watch the inauguration (i.e internet streaming, tv broadcast, radio, screenings), and I plan to write one on what to do with students while they are watching the inauguration.

    Lisa Nielsen
    Read my blog on educating innovatively at

    January 14, 2009

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