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iPod Touch lives in South Dakota

It’s the Perfect Storm of iPod Touch conversations. I posted some stuff last week on a few iPod Touch apps that Social Studies teachers could use as part of their instruction. And today, I’m at the South Dakota Laptop Leaders Academy this morning and there’s M. Dulitz’s preso on integrating the Touch into the classroom.

So . . . here I am. Picking up some new tips.

Basic tips and suggestions

  • apps can be shared between unlimited iPods as long as they are on the same account.
  • areas such as the app store, iTunes, Youtube, Safari & explicit content can be blocked
  • there may be problems with visually impaired students
  • lots of apps in every content area
  • create a crystal clear check out procedure
  • batteries last for about 36 hours of music or 6 hours of video so pretty good life
  • create a separate App Store account for your personal iPod
  • there is a new software update coming up this summer. For current iPod Touches, the cost to update will be $10




Language Arts:



Some integration ideas:

  • use as a dictionary
  • research device
  • educational games

What are some of your favorite apps?

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