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Tip of the Week – Traveler IQ

I talked about Traveler IQ several years ago when it first came out but it seems as if many teachers are still not aware of it. Traveler IQ is a fun, easy-to-use online geography review game with 12 different versions – from world locations to photos to flags and a US challenge.

Two things make Traveler IQ different than other online geography games. First, the quality of the design and game layout really stands out. Second, the game is designed to be a Social Networking application.

So you can play it online at the Traveler IQ site or (and this is the absolutely cool part!) you can load the app into your Facebook account and, using the game creation tool that comes as part of the app, you create your own game that then will use the cool Traveler IQ interface.

So . . . say you want to create a game that uses just the locations for the 5th grade Kansas State social studies assessment – you can do that. World War Two battles? You can do that. Locations of different Native American tribes. Nod. Birthplaces of American presidents? Yep.

Once you’ve created your own game with specific locations, you and your kids can then play it on Facebook.

And if Facebook is blocked at your school? Two things.

One. Your kids will play the game at home anyway, extending the learning outside of class.

Two. Because the game you create on Facebook has embeddable html code, you can copy the code and paste it on just about any web site that your school allows. So you create the game on Facebook, grab the code, paste it on a school-approved site and your kids can play it both inside and outside school!

Plus the Facebook version of the game has thousands of user-created versions of Traveler IQ which means that there may already be a game created that you can use right away.

Check it out and have fun!

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