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Tip of the Week – Google Search Story Video Creator

Think back a couple of months ago during the Super Bowl. During the game, Google had several commercials advertising its search tool by telling a story of Parisian love. Several different stories, including a Winter Games and a Out of Office concert, have been created since.

Since then, Google has created a tool they are calling Google Search Story Video Creator that allows you to create your own story. Sweet!

You can very quickly create your version of the Parisian love story by walking through a three step process:

  • Write the story
  • Add Music
  • Preview and Upload

You can create your story by searching a variety of Google tools: web, blog, images, maps, news, product search and books. The tool allows you to add music to fit the content of your story and it is then uploaded to YouTube. This allows you to share or embed the link.

When I first played with this, I thought of the old chestnut that says it’s harder to write less than more. It’s the same with Search Stories. You need to really focus on your story because you have only seven “sentences.” And it is a bit cheesy but I can quickly think of a couple of ways to use the tool to engage kids.

I see students using this tool to practice summarizing text sections, magazine or online articles, lectures and videos. You could also use this to have kids “discuss” historical people, events, places and ideas. You could use Search Stories to create a hook activity to open a lesson or unit. Students could then use your story as an anchor activity to add additional information to throughout the unit. As a closing activity, ask them to think about ways they would change your story to summarize the unit content.

My first attempt:

Have fun!

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