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10 awesome iPad / iPod apps

I am becoming a big fan of the iPad. While there are some apps that are specific to the iPad, it really comes down to the bigger screen. Easier to read, easier to manipulate.

I’m still not convinced that in its present form that it is a good replacement for a netbook or laptop. No multitasking, lack of true productivity tools, crude interface with cloud apps like Google Docs and clunky keyboard.

But great for consuming, reading, browsing, viewing and playing games / apps. So together with “traditional” laptops, the iPad (and iPods) seems like a perfect addition to the classroom.

I’ve shared iPod favorites before so today . . . a few iPad apps. Many of these also work on the iPod and most focus on helping you collect and view information.


Flipboard (Free)
This is a new app that displays blogs, Facebook info and Twitter feeds in a very cool magazine style. Great for keeping up with politics, news and updates on a variety of topics.

Pressreader (Free)
PressReader brings over 1,500 full-content newspapers from 90 countries. Nice way to browse a wide variety of perspectives on current events . . . a bit like the online Newseum.

AppBox Pro ($0.99)
Multiple apps in one. Flashlight, battery life, system info, alarms, translator, calculator, tons of Google apps. Just a handy utility.

StoryKit (free)
Creates an electronic story using images and text from students. Quick, easy way for kids to summarize information or generate mini-projects.

US Historical Documents ($0.99)
There are lots of document apps out there but this one I like. Over 200 documents, ability to create lots, save favorites, highlight text and email docs with embedded notes.

Google Earth (free)
The mobile version. Not as powerful but still very handy for making connections between content and geographic place.

2010 World Fact Book ($0.99)
The CIA stuff in mobile format. Handy and easy to use with tons of country data. Perfect for World Geography teachers.


GoodReader ($0.99)
There is a lite version but spring for the full app and get extra goodness. GoodReader is a file reading app designed to make viewing such files easier.

MyCongress (free)
Government teachers will love this handy app. MyCongress is a portal to detailed information about your elected U.S. Congressional officials. Track their news, video and Twitter feeds.

Dragon Dictation (free)
An easy-to-use voice recognition app that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your words in text format. Perfect for interviews, field trips or classroom notes.

Need more? Start at the Apple Store education page. And then head over to my iPad / iPod links.

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