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Tip of the Week – EDSITEment equals awesomeness!

Perhaps it was a lack of caffeine. Maybe some sort of weird bias against great teaching resources. It was certainly a serious oversight.

How have I not talked specifically about EDSITEment before today?

I mean . . . I’ve sorta mentioned it while talking about ThinkFinity and it was kinda connected to a discussion about Mission US. But I’ve never really talked specifically about EDSITEment on History Tech.

A recent post about the very cool Picturing America project and site generated a comment from Joe Phelan, part of the EDSITEment team, who shared some specific informaton about the PA project.

(The specific info was that the PA project still has some free poster sets to give away. The 40 posters are full color, with lesson plans, and are incredibly useful for teaching US history. Send your school name, shipping address and phone number to Judy Regelman at to get yours.)

Joe described EDSITEment as a

K-12 digital outreach program from the National Endowment for the Humanities. We are especially strong in US History, government, American and British literature as well as art and culture. Our online lesson plans are built around guided reading of  primary sources which are carefully contextualized and  stress critical thinking and other 21st century skills.

And his comment got me thinking. I share EDSITEment with a lot of people face-to-face but have I ever highlighted the site online? A quick search reveals . . . nothing. So here we go.

The site’s hundreds of lesson plans are organized around the four major categories of:

You can also search for lesson plans by grade level and subcategory such as Civil War and Reconstruction. You can also search for and browse through a very large database of humanities-related web sites by using EDSITEment’s handy sorting tool.

There is a separate page that allows you to specifically browse through a wide range of interactives lessons. The site provides access to current and past issues of the NEH bi-monthly journal, Humanities. If you or your students are interested in doing local community service, the After School section provides a series of activities that students can do at home and in their neighborhood.

There’s also a great reference section:

The site includes social media links such as Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds. So if you teach, well . . . just about anything, EDSITEment has something for you.

Have fun!

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