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NCSS 2010 Session Three – Using Google Earth & Children’s Lit to Teach Geography

I must be getting old!

Only the third session of the day and am already wearing down. But . . . I have met and chatted with people I know from Grand Island, NE, Derby, KS, Hutchinson, KS, Washington, DC, Kansas City, MO and Chicago, IL. Have also sent out a Tip of the Week, plurked some stuff and read the sports section of the USA Today.

So there.

Session starts out with the projector not working. The presenter, Theresa Johnson from St. John University, said she teaches pre-service teachers and uses tech problems as a way to model how not to cry when things don’t work.

Projector working! Done crying.

The focus of the session is on how to use Google Earth and picture books to teach elementary geography.

Theresa has created eight lesson plans that integrate GE and trade books. These are really top-notch stuff! The site also has some helpful GE tips with suggestions about what teachers and kids need to know in GE to get those the lessons.

She demo-ed one of the lessons using the book The Little House. Helps kids think about land use issues and the tension between urban expansion and rural areas. Great idea.

Google Earth has a cool feature called Historical Timeline that allows you to show sat images of the same place over time. Use the tool to demonstrate change over time. Ask kids to suggest pros and cons (costs and benefits) of living in a specific place – both in early images and in the present day.



Theresa then suggested turning different layers in GE such as churches, parks, recreation areas, stores, etc and then ask the question again.


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