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Smithsonian for Educators aligns to state standards

The Smithsonian has always had some amazing resources for teachers. You could find lessons, activities and primary sources.  The basic entry page of the Educators site allows you to browse through their stuff by content area and to search by keyword.

But recently the Smithsonian aligned all of their wonderful stuff to state standards. You can see this feature to the right of the keyword search and it is very cool. Simply click on your state in the drop-down menu, select your grade level and subject. You’ll get a copy of your state standards and indicators with links to “resources meeting this standard.”

If I’m a middle school teacher in Kansas, for example, I may need some help finding lesson plans and materials about the impact of constitutional interpretation during the pre-Civil War era. And with the Smithsonian’s new standards alignment feature, I can find exactly what I need without spending a ton of time trying to track stuff down with Google.

And while not every indicator has specific resources, you’ll find some incredible stuff by using this search option.

I especially like the new RSS feature that the Smithsonian tech folks have added to the site. When I add the RSS feed to my reader, I get automatic updates of any new materials and goodies that Smithsonian publishes.

Let me know what you think!

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