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NCSS 2010 presentation – iPads & iPods in the Social Studies Classroom

Two hours wasn’t enough time.

The eight to ten a.m. presentation spot on Sunday morning at any conference is never a good time if you’re hoping for big attendance numbers. But it’s a great time if you’re hoping for really engaging conversation.

That’s cause only those really interested and ready to participate get up that early.

So I was looking forward to last Sunday’s session at the National Council for the Social Studies conference to facilitate a discussion on how to incorporate iPods and iPads into Social Studies classrooms. I wanted to hear what other teachers were doing, to share apps and to exchange tips and tricks.

And it went great. About 50 teachers showed up and we had some powerful conversations about why and how mobile devices should be integrated into Social Studies instruction. Teachers exchanged instructional strategies and different apps. We discussed potential problems and places to purchase third-party peripherals. And then we ran out of time.

A quick review?

  • It’s not about the technology – it’s about preparing kids to be creative, open-minded problem solvers
  • Our kids have to “power down” when they cross into the school zone
  • Mobile devices like iPods, iPads and cell phones can help engage kids in thinking
  • Shmoop apps are great for review
  • GoodReader makes document transfer easy
  • eClickr Host is awesome
  • There are lots of cool primary document apps
  • Take advantage of current Apple app policy
  • Create a practical usage policy
  • Buy non-Apple accessories
  • Create your iTunes account without a credit card
  • Use the settings feature to control access
  • Use lanyards attached to covers with iPods
  • The smaller hard drive iPod & iPad is probably big enough

There was more but you get the idea. What do you have to share? I would love to hear what apps you use and what tips / tricks work for you!

In case you’re curious, I’ve pasted the preso below:

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