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TubeChop is easy and cool

Have you ever found a really cool YouTube video but wanted to use just a shorter chunk of it? As YouTube as upped the limit of video length this started to become more of problem for me. I also wished that I could find a way to embed that shorter chunk on my web site.

So I went longer for a solution.

And found a free, easy answer at TubeChop. TubeChop does exactly what it sounds like it does. It lets you search for YouTube videos via keyword or by copying and pasting in the actual video URL. It then opens a screen with a simple editing slider ala QuickTime. Simply move the beginning and ending sliders and click Chop It!

You can view a quick sample I made of just the last few minutes of a longer clip from the movie Gettysburg.

You now have a unique url just for your chopped video that you can share. You also get an embed code that allows you to put the chopped video in all sorts of other places.

Depending on your school’s filtering system, this chopped video may or may not fly under the radar if your school blocks YouTube. Hopefully, it’s not blocked (at least not on your computer . . . you know, the one used by an adult professional teacher) and you can use TubeChop without any problems. But if you embed your TubeChop videos on a separate page of your class web site, kids can at least access them outside of school.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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