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Crisis in Egypt – Teaching resources

I’m sure many of you have spent some time talking with students about the ongoing crisis in Egypt. There are so many different directions you can go with the topic – political, environmental, historical, diplomatic – and so many nuances to the story.  I’ve gotten several requests for useful sites so I quickly put together a short list:

Why Egypt Erupted
A quick article by Kelly Arena who has spent the last few years working with youth groups and social organizations in Egypt.

Egypt’s Uprising
A free lesson plan from The Choices Program. (Grades 6-12)

Egyptian Teen Reports on Political Protests in Alexandria
Jessica Elsayed, a teen from Alexandria, Egypt who is a senior reporter for Youth Journalism International, has been experiencing her country’s revolution firsthand.

Egyptian Uprising
ThinkFinity has put together a great set of resources and lesson plans.

Egypt’s Uprising Has Characteristics of Past Revolutions
A 6-12 lesson plan that compares current events in Egypt with past revolutions

Violence Erupts Across Egypt
A detailed series of discussion questions and learning activities.

Egyptians Demand Change
Scholastic is putting together a series of helpful news articles.

Ways to Teach About the Unrest in Egypt
The New York Times Learning Network has useful stuff.

Mapping the Protest in Egypt in Cairo
The New York Times people have also put together a nice map-based tool highlighting protest sites

Teaching About Events in Egypt
Alan, Singer, Social Studies guy at Hofstra University, created a grades 7-12 lesson plan.

Latest YouTube videos
Use this map-based tool to view updated videos. (Doing a Youtube search will also turn up tons of videos)

Google’s Search engine recently added a handy feature for keeping up with current events called RealTime. So you can keep up with Twitter, Facebook and other social media comments live and, well . . . in real time, with the tool. Simply do a search for “egyptian crisis” or some other relevant search term. Then look on the left hand side for the RealTime link. If you don’t see it, click the More link.

This is a great way to keep up with what’s going on and to get a feel for public reactions and attitudes.

And don’t forget Google Maps and Google Earth. Use those tools to highlight where things are happening. The Democratic Underground has put together a great Google Map with tons of useful information. Here’s another one.

Post your own sites and ideas in the comments.


Update 2-14-2011

Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies put together a nice pdf factsheet for Egypt and Tunisia.

The Center also hosted an online webinar titled Egypt as a Teachable Moment designed for educators. View a recorded version.

Find a ton of lesson plans related to the Middle East from the University of Arizona here.

ERSI put together a searchable map overlay of social media links related to the Egyptian protests.

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