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My new favorite iPad apps, iEAR and assorted apps for education

The longer I use my iPad, the more convinced I am that mobile devices are one of the tools that we should be carrying around in our teacher’s tool kit.  They can’t solve every problem but they can help kids make connections with content, increase student engagement and provide enrichment opportunities.

I just ran across a couple of sweet apps that are perfect for social studies teachers.

The first is called Rome – Virtual History. This app is fairly expensive at $10 but it is incredibly cool – providing a 3D voyage to Ancient Rome, reconstructed in virtual form where you can explore in a “full-immersion” panoramic experience. The format uses innovative functions and multimedia content: from the spectacular digital reconstruction of the city’s statues to breathtaking aerial views of the metropolis as it stood 2,000 years ago to manipulation of models of the legionaries, gladiators and war engines to the 3D exploration of monuments such as the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus.

Two others I like are Web Presenter and Print Central for iPad. Both provide additional functionality to my iPad that I wish Apple should be doing. Web Presenter gives you the tools to connect your iPad to a projector and actually display your screen. I also like Print Central – an app that actually prints from a variety of apps and to a variety of printers.

A place to spend some time searching for education apps is iEAR. iEAR is the Educational Apps Review site – designed specifically for educators to find and share useful iPod and iPad apps. Part of what they’ve done is to create a Google Docs spreadsheet that is constantly updated with content-specific apps.

Give ’em a try and let me know what you think!

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