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MACE 2011 – Social Studies for the 21st Century

The MACE Spring Conference is here! The MACE Spring Conference is here!

I love this time of year – MACE always does such a great job. Great food, great resources, great learning, great people. This year Jerry Butler, Jake Fisher, Jaime Hendricks and I are here in Manhattan having a great time.

I will be posting some stuff later this evening outlining some of the sessions I had the chance to see. I’m especially excited about Curtis Chandler’s session on gaming in the classroom. Curtis is the current Kansas Teacher of the Year and he’s huge into gaming.

My session this year is on appropriate 21st century tools for teaching social studies. The Slideshare preso is embedded below but since I’ve got just 45 minutes, I’ll focus on just a couple tools. You can also go to the session web site to get all the goodies.

The session is just an opportunity to discuss ways to engage 21st century learners. At it’s most basic level, we need to train our kids to structure their time around four basic 21st century skils:

  • Collect
  • Collaborate
  • Create
  • Communicate

A few of the tools I’ll be talking about:

My favorite? DocsTeach. Three thousand National Archives primary sources, teaching resources, great tools to create your own lessons and the chance to build an online portfolio of your favorite stuff.

But there are tons of cool things out there that we can use to engage kids in messing with social studies content in 21st century ways. Your task for the day?

Pick one and come up with ways to use it with your kids. And don’t think that I won’t be checking on you!

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  1. Hi Glenn!

    We at the National Archives are thrilled that you will be telling more teachers about DocsTeach! And I wanted you to know that my team has been adding documents to the site–we are now up to 4,500 primary sources that are available to include in teacher-created activities!

    Best Wishes,
    Lee Ann
    Director of Education and Volunteer Programs
    National Archives
    Washinton, DC

    March 9, 2011
    • glennw #

      Lee Ann,

      Great news about the new documents! I really love DocsTeach and think more teachers need to be using it. Thanks for all the work you guys do in making the site useful!


      March 9, 2011

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