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Being a great teacher means . . .

Last week, I spent some time discussing NFL quarterbacks, great teachers and how they all relate to K-12 education. In a nut shell:

  • having great teachers in the classroom has a huge impact on learning
  • it’s very difficult to know which pre-service teachers will become great teachers
  • having a rigorous evaluation process of actual instruction is key to finding the great teachers
  • we need to be willing to boot out the poor teachers

Bill Landes - great teacher circa 1979

As a result, there have been ongoing conversations about what a great teacher looks like. I shared Doug Lemov’s Teach Like a Champion book as one model that we could use to measure “greatness.” Others had different ideas. During the week, I ran across a similar conversation happening over at Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension. asked her readers to finish the following sentence

Being a good teacher means . . .

Part of their conversation?

  • Being willing to reflect, change, and improve – looking for the best opportunities for student learning
  • Laughter, lots of laughter. Laughing with your students
  • Recognizing you are a learner, as well as a teacher and getting your students to understand that learning is for life
  • Listening more than you talk . . . Often kids have a better answer and you just have to hear it
  • Being open to our students, letting them drive their own learning in the classroom
  • Always feeling the lesson could’ve gone just a wee bit better
  • You never stop learning and you always work to improve
  • Being a learner. being humble. being empathetic. being flexible. being knowledgeable. being driven.
  • Always doing what’s right by the kids

So . . . with a hat tip to Pernille, let’s change it just a bit. Complete the following sentence

Being a great teacher means . . .

Need a jump start? Or maybe this.

Post your ideas in the comments and I’ll share them all out later. When you’re finished, head over here.

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  1. AJ Bianco #

    Being there for your students as a friend, role model and inspiration. Allowing them to see you as something that one day they will hopefully inspire to be like.

    April 9, 2011

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