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Tech Support on the cheap

Ever get questions from parents or friends asking for technology help? Or someone needing help remembering the web sites you suggested?

How about a class room of kids who just need a couple of helpful link?

InternetButtons and TeachParentsTech are here to help. Both sites provide a quick way to provide tech support and share easy-to-use web links.

InternetButtons is a British thing and:

is a webtool that makes the Internet super easy. You can set up a page of personalized Buttons that click through to your favourite sites or services. Your page of Buttons is saved on its own personalized URL that you can access from any computer.

There are also loads of helper bars, tips and advice to explain how to use it and how to get more out the web. It removes all the complicated bits of the internet and makes it easy to keep going back to the places you want to go to.

It’s the perfect thing for anyone new to the net or just needs a bit of help finding their way around. You could also use it with your kids as a sort of hotlink page.

TeachParentsTech is a Google thing:

Every December, millions of tech-savvy young people descend on their homes only to arrive to a long list of tech support issues that their parents need help with. A few of us at Google thought there had to be a better way that would save us all a few hours each December…

The result of our brainstorm was, a site that allows you to select any number of simple tech support videos to send to mom, dad or uncle Vinnie. The site is not perfect and hardly covers all the tech support questions you may be asked, but hopefully it’s a start!

TeachParentsTech lets you select from five categories of tech stuff and then select items within those categories. Stuff like how to copy and paste, crop pictures, get driving directions and make a bookmark.

The site creates an email that you send to your parents or fellow teachers or students or maybe even yourself. The email contains links to short video clips that walk your parents or fellow teachers or students or even yourself through a step by step process of how to do whatever it is they need help with.

Pretty cool!

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