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Best of History Web Sites

I’ve been using Tom Daccord’s very handy Best of History Web Sites for so long, that I’ve just never thought to write about it. I mean, it’s like writing about Microsoft Word. Doesn’t everyone already know about this?

It’s become such a part of my routine that it’s hard to imagine getting along without it. But after talking with a couple of history teachers this week, I began to realize that not everyone has heard about it. So . . . here it is.

The Best of History Web Sites

aims to provide quick, convenient, and reliable access to the best history-oriented resources online in a wide range of categories. BOHWS has been designed to benefit history teachers and their students, but general history enthusiasts will benefit from the site as well.

Best of History Web Sites contains links to over 1200 history-related web sites that have been reviewed for quality, accuracy, and usefulness. Included are links to K-12 history lesson plans, teacher guides, activities, games, quizzes, and more. Sites with engaging educational content and stimulating and useful multimedia technologies are most likely to be included in these pages. Useful general resources and research-oriented sites have been included as well.

The creator, Tom Daccord, writes and speaks quite a bit on using technology as part of history instruction and has another great site called Teaching History with Technology. THT also has tons of lessons, resources and ideas about the use of tech in the classroom.

Check ’em both out, add them to your favorites and share with others.

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