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10 Best Sites for Learning About Osama Bin Laden

I had other stuff planned for this space today but dramatic events have moved those till later this week. So . . . just a quick list of some handy sites to help as you discuss Bin Laden and the goings on in Pakistan.

The first thing to do is to provide some geographic context.

1. Based on a great article by PBS highlighting Bin Laden’s mansion in Abbottabad, we can use both Google Maps and Google Earth to get a sense of where the action took place.

Now you can settle in and start going through some of the other topics surrounding the events.

2. The New York Times Learning Network always has great stuff. Go here to get their Teaching Ideas on the Death of Osama Bin Laden.

3. CBS News has an interactive timeline called Hunting Bin Laden.

4. The Wall Street Journal put together a timeline, videos, comments and articles.

5. I always like the Newseum’s Front Pages – a great way to get a quick overview of views around the country and world.

6. Speaking of different perspectives, the BBC adds some articles, opinions, videos and photos to the discussion.

7. PBS NewsHour coverage is always fair and comprehensive plus there’s some handy teacher resources.

8. CNN has put together a long list of Bin Laden related topics and articles.

9. The New York Times created a detailed Bin Laden timeline.

10. NYT Learning Network has an older lesson plan titled Investigating Al Qaeda’s Presence Around the World that seems useful here.

Okay . . . one more that I really like.

11. The Society of Professional Journalists has a great web site called The Journalist’s Toolbox – it’s a handy resource for just about any topic and their Bin Laden is no exception.

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