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Tip of the Week – National Archives Prologue: Pieces of History

I’ve always been a huge fan of the National Archives and the things it does to help teachers. NARA just updated the look and feel of their Education page, they created an awesome resource at DocsTeach, host a site of great lesson plans and present wonderful summer trainings on using primary sources.

But I just ran across something new. Well . . . new for me.

For forty years, the National Archives have been publishing a quarterly newsletter called Prologue. The magazine brings readers stories based on the rich holdings and programs of the National Archives across the nation—from Washington, DC, to the regional archives and the Presidential libraries. You can now access the articles in a variety of ways: online, in print, or by downloading high-quality issues to your e-reader or iPhone from their Scribd and Zinio sites.

The current issue has a great article on the Nuremberg Laws and a preview of the upcoming release of the 1940 Census data. Past issues have focused on:

  • The Civil War with James McPherson’s overview of the war, copies of resignation letters written by Southern military officers and an article on Civil War guerrillas, ex-Slaves accounts, Harry Truman’s impact on the US and enemy aliens during World War I.

NARA has also created a very fun Prologue blog called Pieces of History. It is much more tongue in cheek and lighter than the quarterly magazine but still a great resource for professional development.

Have fun!

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