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Tip of the Week – EDSITEment reading list (and a few others)

A couple of days ago I posted my annual Summer Reading List. Of course, I never actually finish the list. There’s always something that ends up changing my direction – usually it’s because a book sounds a lot better than it actually is.

But there’s hope. There are tons of lists lurking out there ready to help me find just what I need. So if you’re looking for some summer reading or even if you’re looking for some great reads for your kiddos, check out the following:

EDSITEments’ Summer reading list for college-bound students

Joe Phelan from EDSITEment reminded me of their great list designed to help kids heading off to  college. There’s some good stuff. What I really like is that EDSITEment has linked each book to online lesson plans.

LA Times: The reading season is heating up

Let their special reading guide of new and forthcoming titles help you decide what to read this summer. Close to 200 titles in a variety of categories.

Summer Reading List Suggestions

A huge list of other lists. Find suggestions from schools, book groups and newspapers.

Summer Reading List for New Teachers

A list from Edutopia for new teachers but be sure to dig down into the comments. Lots of other suggestions there!

10 Must Have Books for Teachers

Amazon has a great tool that I use all of the time called Listmania. Type in a few keywords like “American Civil War” or “American History” and you’ll find tons of lists created by other readers just like you. Pretty awesome.

Your Book Finder

Okay. I know some of you may be bummed about that whole Oprah’s last day, we’ll never see her again cause she doesn’t have her own cable channel, magazine, newsletter or multi-national corporation thing. Wait . . . maybe we will see her again. Anyway, her people have put together a handy book finder site that lets you browse through a variety of genres for just the right book. Kinda handy.

Your goal? Read at least one new book this summer focusing on social studies/education and one new book just for fun.

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