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iPad apps and Bloom’s Taxonomy

I’m becoming more and more convinced that mobile devices can change the way we teach and the way kids learn. What I’m not convinced about yet is what those mobile devices will look like.

Other tools are out there. But, right now, iPods, iPads and thousands of iTunes apps are making the biggest media splash. So  . . . many folks are busy finding ways of using Apple products to improve learning.

Several of us, including tech guys, district sups, principals and teachers, were sitting around a few weeks ago discussing how this tablet integration stuff might actually work. One of the best questions was:

So how can a teacher really integrate these things into their unit design?

A interesting discussion evolved from aligning apps and activities to state indicators into how a teacher might be able to use the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy to help plan instruction. Turns out others have been thinking the same thing.

Bloom’s Apps is a recent site that has begun finding apps and “assigning” them a spot on the pyramid. And a page from Teach With Your iPad attempts to do the same thing. Neither is perfect. But I also think both are a great start to help teachers and administrators think about the integration of mobile devices in the learning process.

How would your favorite apps fit Bloom’s? Is this even a question we should be asking?

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