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Getting your history geek on

I love history.

I love reading it. I love talking about it. I love arguing about it.

So when 40 middle school history teachers show up at my door for four days of talking and reading and arguing history, it’s like the best day ever.

We started our Century of Progress Teaching American History summer session today and I am so pumped! We’ve got four days together with some great presenters and activities planned. But, really, how cool is this? Four days with history teachers and scholars? It’s a perfect week.

The overarching theme this week is the American West. We’ve got Dr. Matthew Booker and Dr. Stephen Aron as our scholars and Tim Bailey as our instructional methods guy. Booker teaches at North Carolina State and focuses on western environmental stuff and Aron, from UCLA, is an expert on the borderlands. Tim is from Salt Lake City, was the 2009 Gilder Lehrman National History Teacher of the Year and has some great strategies to share.

I’ll be posting stuff throughout the week with an attempt at finding a balance between content and instructional strategies. But we’ll also be posting lots of resources on our project web site. Be sure to head over there to download handouts and other goodies. You’ll also find videos of presentations and links to web sites that we’ll be using.

Matthew just mentioned that he loves this sort of week because

it lets me get my history geek on!

So I’m not alone. If you’re a history person, this is the place to be this week. Check back often!

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