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Tip of the Week – Print Friendly

We’re spending more and more time online, reading and researching with our kids. One of the problems is that if you want to print out a news article or a blog post or just about anything on the web, the print job is multiple pages that include ads and stuff you don’t need.

How many of you have seen kids at the printer tossing page after page into your recycle bin because they wanted just a short article and ended up with all sorts of garbage? Or you’ve tried printing a news story to handout to your students and gotten a page full of junk that’s distracting from the text?

There are some handy tools out there that can help you and your students save paper, ink and time when printing from web sites. The two best ones are called Print Friendly and Print What You Like. Both work pretty much the same – copy and paste the URL of the article or post that you want to print into their site.

You’ll get a version of the page that allows you to do a variety of things such as delete images, boxes of text, resize or change fonts, save as a PDF, etc.

Both provide the option to install a browser bookmarklet. Once installed, the bookmarklet allows you to simply click a button on your browser’s task bar whenever you’re on a site you want to print. Both also allow you to save your final version as a PDF.

But each has features that the other doesn’t.

Print Friendly allows you to send an email directly from their page. Print Friendly also seems easier to use.

Print What You Like has a few more editing options. I especially like the ability to “isolate” parts of a web page and then display just those pieces – just a quick way to print stuff without spending time deleting everything else to get just one item to print.

Both are handy tools that will help your kids. But you can use them to create cleaner, easier to read handouts for your students.

Have fun!

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  1. Most useful Thanks 🙂

    August 26, 2011

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