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Free Colonial Williamsburg electronic field trip goodness

Colonial Williamsburg’s stuff is always top-notch and for the next few weeks, some of it is free.

Colonial Williamsburg’s Gift to the Nation for Constitution Day offers students an opportunity to interact virtually with historical characters and provides teachers with unique resources to engage students in the study of our United States Constitution.

Statistics from the 2010 National Assessment of Educational Progress indicate that academic performance in history for grades 4-8 has declined substantially over the past few years. By providing this Electronic Field Trip without charge to schools and home school families, Colonial Williamsburg demonstrates its commitment to halt that decline.

The Electronic Field Trip, A More Perfect Union,” tells the story of the ratification of the Constitution and has as the first person narrator a young student from the late 1700s. This Electronic Field Trip builds background knowledge for educators and students, leading to better understanding of the challenges and choices made during the ratification of our Constitution.

  • Available online 24/7 from Sept. 6 to Sept. 30, 2011
  • On-demand video streaming over the web
  • Email historical character Benjamin Franklin
  • Interactive online games
  • Downloadable resources such as the teacher guide and program script (PDF)
  • Comprehensive lesson plans

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