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QRpedia – Easy QR codes from Wikipedia for classroom use

As an increasing number of people access the internet from their mobile phones, Wikipedia needs to become increasingly mobile. Wikipedia recently created a new mobile front end but how do you get to a Wikipedia article in the first place, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for ?

Introducing QRpedia.
QR codes – barcodes for the internet – have been around for decades and the technology is increasingly being used in everything from street advertising to museum object labels. QRpedia takes the concept one step further to allow a single QR code to send you seamlessly to the mobile-friendly version of any Wikipedia article in your own language. This system is unique to Wikipedia because no other website has manually created links between languages across such an incredible breadth of topics.

This is a screenshot of the Wikipedia QR code page for the Battle of Gettysburg.

Take advantage of this by creating Wikipedia QR codes for topics in your textbook, for example. Copy the code onto sticky mailing labels, print them out, peel them off and paste into textbooks on the appropriate page.

Copy and paste a QR code into your lecture notes for kids to access during discussions. Paste the code into your handouts. Print out a big version of a code and hang by the door as kids leave the room as review or as outside reading.

Pretty handy stuff!

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