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Tip of the Week – Hamburger Diagram

Having kids write is a good thing. Let’s all agree on that. Learning to communicate in written form is a 21st century skill that is non-negotiable. But training them to write well . . . mmm, not so easy.

But using a Hamburger Diagram can help.

In terms of knowledge representation, a Hamburger Diagram is a teaching and learning tool designed to facilitate the selection and organization into a written report. In a typical Hamburger Diagram, five main sections are suggested: an introduction, three key factors, and a conclusion. It serves a similar function to a fishbone diagram, but is even simpler.

By limiting the essay to only three major factors, and providing only a small amount of space for each one to be explained, the Burger Diagram is a useful “scaffolding tool” for students learning to develop their essay-writing skills.

It’s also a useful way of ensuring that students think about structuring their essays in a logical format.

There are some online tools that students can use. ClassTools has one that allows kids to enter information directly on the hamburger and Super Teacher Worksheets has a couple of downloadable organizers.

Have fun!

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