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iPad app favorites: What you love

It’s been All iPads, All the Time for the last week.

We hosted a great iPads for Learning conference in our office last Tuesday, I spent Wednesday working with a small group of admin folks on integrating iPads into the classroom and was in South Carolina from Thursday to Sunday helping teachers with some iPad basics.

And during the entire week, people have been sharing their favorite apps. You can guess a few of them – Angry Birds, iBooks and Pages. But there are some I hadn’t heard of before that are pretty cool. I’ve pasted the quick list below. (A fast way to find out more about each of them is to do a Google search for each and include the word “itunes” in the search box.)

  • Splashtop – remote access to your laptop
  • Skype – video conferencing
  • Loseit – diet app
  • Finger Count – learning numbers
  • Talking Lila – repeating avatar
  • Appolicious – discover new apps
  • Puppet Pals HD – fun digital story telling app
  • Sums Stacker – fun early math app
  • BrainPop – connects to Brainpop games
  • Dropbox – online storage
  • Story Kit – Awesome digital story telling
  • Showme – create online reviews
  • Tiger Woods 2012 – umm . . . golf
  • Tower Madness – addictive, time-sucking fun
  • Crazy Symon – iPad version of the 1980s Simon game
  • Flipboard – magazine style reader for news, Facebook, Twitter
  • Evernote – great note taker / saver
  • Evernote Peek – based on Evernote, a fun content review app
  • Starfall – the great website in app form
  • AppAdvice – discover new apps
  • iBooks – Apple’s e-book reader
  • The Weather Channel – a channel for . . . that’s right, weather
  • Shop Style – an app to help my wife spend money
  • Angry Birds – perhaps the best app of all time
  • Intro to Letters / Intro to Numbers – very cool early childhood learning app
  • The Elements – awesome Periodic Table
  • Essay Grader – fast way to score writing assignments
  • Dragon Dictation – records audio and types it out
  • Speak It: Text To Speech – records text and reads it outloud
  • Tap to Talk – helpful autism app
  • Motion Math – teach fractions
  • Comic Life – a great digital story telling app
  • Shmoop: Scarlet Letter – just one of the many Shmoop content review apps
  • Civil War Today – follow Civil War events / people one day at a time
  • Frog Dissection – cut up a frog without the smell
  • Shakespeare in Bits: Romeo and Juliet – very cool lit app
  • Stack the States – learn the states
  • Stack the Countries – learn the countries
  • A Christmas Carol – nice interactive book
  • Book Creator – very useful ePub / digital story creator
  • Common Core – the CC standards in app form
  • Jack and the Beanstalk – interactive book
  • Pages – Apple’s word processor
  • Keynote – Apple’s presentation tool
  • Lobster Diver – learn fractions and percents
  • Write Essay – plan your writing project
  • iTranslate – easy to use translator
  • NumberLine – learn fractions, decimals and percentages
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    iPad apps

    October 25, 2011

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