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Tip of the Week – So Moved

I like this. A lot. I’m not sure if it’s the text or the images or a combination of both. But I like it.

It’s why you teach Social Studies and history. It’s why you have kids write, analyze primary documents and role play Korematsu v. United States. Why you have kids break down the Declaration of Independence and argue about the Bill of Rights. It’s why you read about Selma and the Dust Bowl and Sacajawea and Reconstruction and a thousand other people and events. It’s why you do what you do.

But sometimes you need a reason. A reason in the current political climate of divide and conquer to feel good about what you do every day. A greater purpose for getting in front of 28 middle school kids every day.

If you need a shot of Founding Father juice, this is it.

Maira Kalman has other stuff too. It’s an old blog but with tons of awesomeness. And she’s got a book that every Social Studies teacher should have.

So moved.

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