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Tip of the Week – Google Text Search

Everyday, I get the chance to work with a ton of smart people. A ton.

And today I had the chance to learn from my 2000 pounds of friends about Google Text Search – a tool that takes advantage of standard Google Search functions such as weather, maps and local businesses in your cell phone’s text messaging app. Ask Google questions and it will text you back the answers.

To start, it’s easiest to create a new Contact on your phone. I just put Google as first name and Text Search as last name. The mobile phone number for Google Text Search is:


So whenever you want to use Google Text Search, just start typing “Google” into your text app and you’re good to go. If you want to find local businesses, type in a zip code and keyword such as:

67063 pizza

and Google will text you back all of the pizza places in the 67063 zip code area.

You can search via texting for weather, sports, translations and definitions using the standard Google search words.

So you can, or have kids, do quick searches on topics, people, events and a whole variety of things. This seems like one more way that we can use cell phones as a learning tool on the classroom. Especially in those classes that have limited access to laptops and computer labs.

There could be so much info getting sent your way that you might need to turn off that particular search. To unsubscribe to a search, text STOP to 466453.

My 2000 pounds of friends spent much of the late morning brainstorming ways to use Google Text Search. But I’m curious what others are thinking. How would you use Google Text Search?

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  1. That is TOO cool! I jape they have that feature available soon to those of us overseas.

    Janet |

    November 4, 2011
  2. Selena L. Blackwell #

    This stopped working for me a few weeks ago. Any clue why?

    December 27, 2011

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