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NCHE Session IV – Read Kansas cards and lessons

I started the day picking on the NCHE “history nerds” a bit and how they love cranking up their conference way too early. I’m not making fun anymore. This is becoming a long day. Two more sessions and a quick run through the vendor area before things wrap up.

But it’s a good kind of tired.

And two of my favorite people are hosting a session so I’m off to Ballroom Pershing South and Kansas Read cards with Mary Madden and Marcia Fox. Mary and Marcia are from the Kansas State Historical Society. They have been instrumental in creating and distributing 76 different lessons for K-12 students.

The cards are designed to deeply engage kids in primary and secondary sources, historical thinking skills, and cooperative learning. And they are awesome.

Just so you know – Read Kansas cards are written to help Kansas teachers teach Kansas history. But . . . because there are so many historical periods, events, and people that are really national events (John Brown, Bleeding Kansas, Indian Removal Act, Brown v. Board) the Read Kansas cards can be used by just about everyone.

You can purchase the cards and get sweet, full color laminated sets. Or download PDF black and white versions for free. Either way you get great lessons aligned with state standards and the Common Core.

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