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Tip of the Week – Interactive Presidental Timeline

Many of us spend a lot of time sharing information about the US presidents with our students. One of the best places to find useful information is the National Archives and their presidential libraries. The problem is that you often need stuff from more than one library and you end up hopping from one website to another.

The Presidential Timeline solves that.

The Timeline provides a single point of access to an ever-growing selection of digitized assets from the collections of the thirteen Presidential Libraries of the National Archives. Among these assets you’ll find documents, photographs, audio recordings, and video relating to the events of the presidents’ lives. The goal of the project is to make these resources readily and freely available to students and educators.

The interactive timeline is very cool and visual, providing an engaging hook for you students. You and your students can view a basic timeline of a president life, including a contextual timeline providing information about other events occurring at the same time. There is also a gallery of primary source documents relating to each president and a set of exhibits highlighting important events and themes from that president’s career.

But you have your own special section of the site:

Educational Activities
Educational activities for the Presidential Timeline focus on using original documents, photographs, audio and video to provide students with an in depth understanding of historical events related to the presidents.
A collection of links and resources related to teaching with primary source documents, presidential history, and technology-related issues.
Links to download all multimedia (audio and video) assets from the Presidential Timeline for use in educational activities.
Taken together, the resources and interactivity provide a powerful tool for your instruction.

Have fun!

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