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OurStory – American History stories and activities

A project of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, OurStory is designed to help children and adults enjoy exploring history together through children’s literature, everyday objects, and hands-on activities.

The National Museum of American History and the National Center for Family Literacy are teaming up on OurStory projects. They are working together to help make reading historical fiction more fun and educational.

The OurStory programs are designed to:

  • teach children about history through the use of objects, documents, oral histories, and quality children’s literature
  • improve student attitudes about reading through exposure to quality children’s literature and the opportunity to own books
  • Foster an environment in which participants of different generations and cultural backgrounds interact, share, learn from one another, and begin to see themselves as part of American history.
  • Broaden participants’ understanding of the history of diverse communities and cultures within the United States.

You’ll find 20 different American history activity sets with recommended books, teaching materials, and engaging activities all focused around historical fiction. You can also find useful links to other history / literacy sites.

Handy stuff!

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