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FindTheBest, data, and US Presidents

If you’ve played with the Wolfram|Alpha search tool, you’ll have some idea of how FindTheBest works. Both sites provide access to objective data sets and an easy way to organize the data. FindTheBest is a bit limited in the size and scope of its data but there’s still some useful stuff in there that social studies teachers can use.

At FindTheBest, we present you with the facts stripped of any marketing influence so that you can make quick and informed decisions. We present the facts in easy-to-use tables with smart filters, so that you can decide what is best.

Too often, marketers and pay-to-play sites team up to present carefully crafted advertisements as objective “best of” lists. As a result, it has become difficult and time consuming to distinguish objective information from paid placements. Our goal is to become a trusted source in assisting you in life’s important decisions.

Try out the list of US presidents and their First Ladies.

The beauty of FindTheBest is the ability to make side-by-side comparisons so feel free to set up a Clinton v. Reagan showdown or compare Obama v. Romney.

They also have some handy sets on Historical Empires and Places. A list of TED talks. And a nice chunk of CIA Country / World Fact data.

Need another reason to head over to FindTheBest? The Common Core people are asking us to train our kids to use data and charts, to learn compare and contrast. This seems perfect for that.

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