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Tip of the Week – LOC Document Analysis Tool

There are lots of document analysis tools out there. The National Archives have some awesome analysis worksheets that can be downloaded in PDF format and completed traditional paper / pencil style. The NARA versions can also be completed online and printed out.

There are also other sites using a variety of worksheets out there that you can use while integrating primary / secondary sources into your instruction.

But I just found out that the Library of Congress has upgraded its own version of the document analysis worksheet. They’ve always had very nice worksheets for a variety of primary sources. And I’ve always liked their guiding questions for students and their suggestions for extended activities.

The upgrade?

A web-based data entry worksheet that allows you and your students to create your analysis online for a wide variety of sources. You can then print the worksheet out or download your work as a PDF? The worksheet provides the same guiding questions and suggested activities, just in a slicker, web-based way.

The other cool thing is that it also works on mobile devices including the iPad and iPod. If you have iBooks (or some other document reader like Notability), your students can save their work on a iBooks shelf as a PDF – referring back to it as needed.

Pretty cool stuff. The best of both worlds. Traditional paper and pencil and 21st century paperless.

And don’t forget to go back and review the Library’s very awesome Using Primary Sources site. Tons of handy resources, ideas, and activities there.

Have fun!

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