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Tip of the Week – Pinterest

I’ve had the invite in the Inbox for several months and I just never seemed to get around to activating it.

And depending on who you talk to, 58 percent to 97 percent of Pinterest users are female. So I may not be the only guy who’s been sitting on the fence with the social bookmarking site. But I’m becoming convinced that Pinterest might be a handy thing to have available.

More and more teachers are using the tool to find, share, and integrate resources. The visual look of Pinterest can be a great hook for students. A very cool infographic shares 16 ways that educators can use Pinterest:

Doing a search, middle school social studies for example, will give you a ton of links. And there are more things out there that can help you begin to understand and use Pinterest. Just a few to get you started:

Social Pinboard – National History Education Clearinghouse’s nice article on Pinterest

Teaching History – an example of a history teacher’s channel

Teaching History / Social Studies – another example from the Teaching Channel

Middle Ages – another example

Six Pinners to Follow

Five More to Follow

Pinterest Resources for Teachers – CoolCatTeacher’s Pinterest stuff

Pinterest for Education – a Livebinder with lots of stuff


Update July 21

Great friend, tech guru, and K-State prof Cindy Danner-Kuhn has some sweet Pinterest boards including a generic Education board as well as Social Studies, iPads, and Pinterest in Ed boards.

Have fun!

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  1. So much of the appeal of Pinterest is the highly visual nature. Most people think and remember visually so it makes sense! Teachers can find ideas for bulletin boards, literature connections, classroom technology…you name it! (and I suspect more men may come on board when they see how cool it is!)

    July 20, 2012

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