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5 Days of Helpful Tools: Day 1 – Ed Tech Cheat Sheet

Many of you head back to school this week. Some may already have students in the next few days. So to celebrate . . . five days of helpful tools to kick off the new school year!

Today’s helpful tool?

A handy dandy cheat sheet to help clear up any confusion concerning technology integration terminology. There are so many different terms, ideas, buzz words, and trends these days, that an infographic like this is nice to have around.

A very old post from my earlier days warned about the problem of being at either end of the technology integration movement. You could be the Luddite who absolutely refuses to  use any technology whatsoever because, well . . . you just don’t want to. Or you might be that teacher who jumps on every bandwagon and uses technology all the time without any real idea of why you’re using it.

Find the balance. Technology is a wonderful tool that can engage kids, automate tedious tasks, connect your classroom with incredible people and information, and support great learning opportunities. But the use of technology by itself is meaningless without a teacher with a plan. Use technology because it helps you teach and helps kids learn.

Bond and Bourne together, not one or the other.

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