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5 Days of Useful Tools: Day 5 – Historical Thinking Interactive Poster

Last year, the Teaching History people created a very cool poster (with an interactive version) that highlighted the five historical thinking skills that all social studies students need to be successful:

  • examine source information
  • analyze primary sources
  • read multiple accounts and perspectives
  • understand historical context
  • use evidence to support claims

All of these sorts of things support the ELA Literacy Standards that are part of the Common Core. So finding ways to use the skills is not only good for kids but will make your admin and ELA types happy.

The good news? They’ve updated last year’s version of the poster.

And just like the original poster, they’ve created a version specifically for elementary classrooms and another for secondary grade use.

What will you find?

With links to lessons, primary sources, teaching ideas and more, the interactive poster helps guide you to great resources found on TeachingHistory, such as:

  • quiz to test your knowledge of primary and secondary sources
  • video on “What is Historical Thinking?”
  • Lesson plans focused on key elements of historical thinking
  • Ideas for teaching with text, photographs, art, maps, objects, and more

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Project the poster up on your smartboard and use it to introduce the concept of historical thinking
  • Select a different teaching resource from the poster each week to reinforce a particular historical thinking skill
  • Use the source information to model how to cite sources from the web
  • Align the skills with different types of literature mentioned in the Common Core standards
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