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25 great sites for teaching and learning

Okay. I couldn’t make it this year. But the American Association of School Librarians went ahead and held their annual conference without me.

I know.

They didn’t even seem very upset that I wasn’t there. I’m sure it was great. It had to be great because while I was absent, one of the things they did was to unveil their fourth annual Best Websites for Teaching and Learning.

The selection committee reviewed more than 100 sites to identify those that foster innovation, creativity, active participation, and collaboration, whittling them down to 25 that they consider the “best of the best.” The sites offer tools and resources in media sharing, digital storytelling, managing and organizing, social networking and communication, curriculum collaboration, and content resources with lesson plans.

“These are strong sites, and the committee hopes users find them useful for library, classroom, and personal use,” says Heather Moorefield-Lang, the committee’s chair. “This year, the committee will be recognizing the 100th site. This is quite a milestone.”

All of the sites are aligned to one or more of the four strands of AASL’s Standards for the 21st-Century Learner: skills, dispositions in action, responsibilities, and self-assessment strategies.

I found a few familiar sites such as DocsTeach and HistoryPin. But I also ran across some new ones that look interesting like Vialogues and Projeqt. I’ll spend some time this week sharing more about my favorites. But for now, head over and start playing with some pretty cool tools.

Thanks AASL library peoples!

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