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History Channel study guides


I’m torn.

I like the History Channel. But I don’t like the History Channel. There are history type things on the history channel but in the last few years, there’s been just a little too much Pawn Stars, Ice Road Truckers, Extreme Marksmen, and American Pickers for me.

But if you can navigate your way past the frozen roads and around the stuff being sold over a pawn shop counter, there are still some useful bits on the HTC. The History of US and How the States Got Their Shapes, for starters.

There is also something called the THC Classroom that is actually pretty good. (One thing you might look at is the September 17th Emancipation Proclamation live webcast the HTC is promoting as a partner with the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Smithsonian)

The Classroom also has some other useful stuff including a page of new study guides and a list of older ones. These study guides, both US and Global, provide some nice structure if you do use History Channel videos in your class and some great ideas for discussion questions and activities even if you don’t. I especially like the Citizenship Quiz!

There are short video clips that would be great hook activities for introducing different lessons and units. Go to the Shows page and click the show you’re interested in. You’ll see a link to a variety of available videos.

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  1. Stacy Maxwell #

    I don’t watch the History Channel too much, but I am very excited to see the online component. There are so many lesson plan ideas and activities. I never considered showing an episode in my classroom, but now it is a very good option. Students need a variety of tactics for learning, and this is just adding to my library of ideas. Thanks so much Glenn! Have you used this in a classroom or seen someone use this resource?

    October 8, 2012

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