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Rand McNally’s Play the Election

Rand McNally has partnered with ImpactGames and iCivics to create a very cool election simulation that is perfect for engaging kids in the election process.

Called Play the Election, the sim is a free, collaborative, online tool that teaches students about the 2012 election and the election process through a series of games, resources and competition.

Students predict the election winners for each state on an interactive election map, and compare their predictions to their class and the country to see where they rank. The program also includes eleven digital mini-games that delve deeper into influential and battleground states, like California and Texas, and Ohio and Florida.

Play the Election includes thirteen lesson plans that support core concepts to grades 7-12, crafted by expert teachers specializing in government and civics – and all aligned to the Common Core and the National Standards for Civics and Government.

Teachers are administrators for the students in their class and have access to Lesson Plans and related teacher materials. Each student receives his/her own login as part of the class you create. You’ll find quick start guides for students and lots of resources for teachers.

All this and it’s free!

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