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7 great places to watch the election

For political junkies like me, this is Super Bowl week. If you haven’t noticed, the 2012 election is tomorrow. Yes. Tomorrow.

I’ve been loving all of the online / TV coverage of polls, events, speeches, fundraising, and pundits. And I’ve been just a little freaked out.

So. The Super Bowl analogy makes some sense. It’s a huge event that you look forward to for months and suddenly it’s here. Big watch party. Food. Other political junkies. The spouses of the political junkies who will be in the kitchen talking about something else. Just like the Super Bowl.

But the election is different in the sense that the event can be viewed in multiple places. (And the commercials aren’t nearly as funny.)

So the big question:

What do you watch and where do you watch it?

Here are seven great places to watch the election:

Bonus site!

Where are you watching the election?

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  1. Election? Maybe in Kansas you’ve been spared the 1000 TV ads daily. Anyway, I noticed the other day that my Apple TV has an Election Night channel sponsored by the Wall Street Journal. I think I’ll go there hoping to avoid commercials.

    November 5, 2012
    • glennw #


      Yeah. You’ve probably noticed there’s an election going on! (I read that in some markets in Ohio there literally is no more places on-air to buy ads. I guess that’s what two billion in campaign funds will do.)

      We’ve accepted our role as an established Red State and appreciate the lack of ads. We don’t have any gov / senate races so not much really going on here at all.

      I hadn’t noticed the Apple TV election channel. Cool! Will have to check that as well. Thanks for sharing!


      November 5, 2012

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