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7 sweet iPod Touch / iPad apps and a special bonus

Later this week, I’ll spend part of my time at the NCSS conference sharing about ePUBs and mobile devices. So, of course, rather than spend time messing with ePUBs over the weekend,  I got sidetracked browsing for sweet mobile apps. So today . . . sharing my discoveries.

And after you make it through all seven apps, you’ll find an extra bonus prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box.

Bamboo Paper / Paper by 53

Okay. You get a two for one here. I like both of these apps and couldn’t decide which to list. So I’ll let you decide!

Bamboo Paper provides you with the ability to create virtual notebooks for your iPad, letting you share your ideas visually with handwritten notes, sketches or doodles. Use for mapping out math and science equations, compose music, create arts and crafts projects, lecture notes, to-do lists, communicate with charts and graphs, collaborate during brainstorming sessions, sketch a design . . . just about anything.

Paper by 53 was designed from the ground up for touch and creating on the go. No fussy buttons, settings or other distractions. Paper works the way you think, like a familiar notebook or journal. Have all of your ideas with you in one place.

A Trip in the USA – Mom, It’s Me!
This interactive book app tells the story of a trip to several US cities where you learn about the geography and history of that place. One of the nicest things about this app is that you can personalize it with the  face and gender of your kids so the story becomes about them. Kids can even embed their own narration into the story.

Barefoot World Atlas
Barefoot World Atlas is a interactive 3D globe that invites children to explore the regions and countries of the world, discovering hundreds of fascinating features and immersing themselves in the rich wonders of our planet. This is a multi-language, universal app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The rich and beautifully detailed graphics take full advantage of the amazing new high definition retina screen.

US Geography by Discovery
Discovery Education’s U.S. Geography app for iPhone and iPod Touch is the perfect way to become an expert in U.S. Geography while being entertained for hours on end. With dozens of breathtaking videos, interactive gameplay, global competition and sharing — there’s never been a more exciting and engaging way to experience U.S. Geography!

American Presidents
American Presidents is a beautifully designed, well-written overview of the history of the United States seen through passages on every American President’s life. Each biography is crafted to be both clear, concise yet still detailed.

European Exploration: The Age of Discovery
Explore the new world as a European power in the 15th Century by funding and sending expeditions out into the unknown. Hire captains, build ships and outfit voyages to learn of the wonders of the new world. Expeditions can be dangerous however, so be careful or else Europe may never hear of your discoveries!

James Madison – Montpelier
The new James Madison’s Montpelier app makes history come alive at Montpelier, the historic home and grounds of President James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, and his vivacious wife Dolly. See the Madisons’ works of art and fine china, explore the latest archaeological excavations, and even discover the hiking trails of the Landmark Forest, all in stunning detail with interactive maps and image galleries.

And your extra prize?

The Common Core State Standards call for students to develop digital media and technology skills. One way to help them reach that goal: incorporate gadgets they’re already familiar with — cell phones, tablets, and smartphones — into their learning environment. Mimi Ito, a cultural anthropologist, understands the power of mobile devices

The big potential with mobile is that it really is the primary portal for social communication right now. Young people learn best when it’s relevant to them, when there’s social connection tied to it, and when they actually have a personal interest.

And to help you integrate these sorts of tools, Edutopia has put together a very handy document that lists pros / cons, helpful tips, suggestions for implementation, and even more mobile apps.

Get Edutopia’s Mobile Devices for Learning document here.

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