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Teaching Reading with the Social Studies Standards and other NCSS awesomeness

The National Council for the Social Studies is a no-brainer. If you teach social studies, you should be a member.

It’s simple. You join. You get great professional development goodies, online lesson plans, cheaper access to books, materials and the national conference, and a super online support system. The end. Everyone’s happy.

One of the benefits that I enjoy the most is the semi-annual Bulletins that the NCSS publishes and sends to members. Bulletins are focused, topical books that provide awesome and practical suggestions for incorporating high-quality instruction into your social studies classroom.

Their latest?

Teaching Reading with the Social Studies Standards: Elementary Units that Integrate Great Books, Social Studies, and the Common Core Standards.

The book is designed specifically for elementary teachers who want to meet the Common Core Standards for Reading Literature as they teach social studies. The class activities recommended in this book for each grade level allow teachers to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Achieve specific learning expectations outlined in the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies.
  • Achieve specific objectives outlined in the Common Core Standards for Reading Literature (as well as selected other Common Core Standards)

The editors examine seven outstanding children’s books in depth – one for each grade from pre-K through 5 – and recommend tons of other grade-level books.

Their reviews demonstrate how to maximize the potential of the featured books for the purpose of teaching social studies effectively and meeting the Common Core Standards. They show teachers how to make the most of timeless classics such as Make Way for Ducklings and The Little House, as well as more recent books, including You and Me Together, Nina Bonita, Show Way, The Unbreakable Code and Sarah, Plain and Tall.

Practical stuff that you can use right away. And if you don’t teach elementary kids, pass this one to someone who does. Cause it’s awesome. And cause, well . . . I think it’s Be Nice to Elementary Teacher’s Day today.

Depending on your membership package, you get these Bulletins for free or at a greatly reduced price.

Some other awesome Bulletins:

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