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More Google Earth Sweetness

Last Friday, I mentioned the sweet Google Earth Tour Guide feature. But the updated Google Earth is more than just Tour Guides.

The Earth Gallery has also gotten an upgrade. The Gallery is some 1000 pre-built Google Earth Tours available for immediate use. You can access the Gallery by clicking the button right beside the Layers area. A separate browser will slide in, letting you search or browse for specific tours. Clicking one of the tours will automatically install the tour into your Google Earth.

GE gallery

You can find a wide range of historical maps, geographic features, and other social studies related goodies. The Gallery is also accessible online via a traditional browser.

Others goodies?

Historical imagery – Google Earth offers imagery from the past several years worldwide. In the U.S. and select other locations, we have acquired older imagery, some going as far back as World War II, and many major cities offer a dozen or more views throughout time and during various seasons. Simply click the clock icon and scroll through time — the notches indicate every point in time for which we have a photo within the current view.

historical imagery2

Explore the Google Earth Showcase – From discovering shipwrecks on the ocean floor to zooming into 3D cities around the world, you can explore a large library of tours, videos, and imagery created by Google Earth and its supporting partners.

Flight Simulator – You can fly around the globe in Google Earth using the flight simulator feature. This allows you to operate a simulated aircraft using either your mouse or another controller. You get the choice of single prop plane or a F-16. Turn on the Flight Simulator by clicking Tools > Enter Flight Simulator. Get a detailed list of flight controsl. Want even more planes to fly in GE?

ge flight simulator

And while not technically part of Google Earth, you don’t want to miss the cool Street view options available. The Grand Canyon . . . especially cool.

street view collections

And for the hard core Google Earth fans, you can keep up-to-date with the latest GE imagery and never miss any of the goodness.

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