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Murally is Google Docs for Visual People

I know that some research is suggesting that there really aren’t such things as visual or auditory learners. Well . . . that research is wrong. Cause I’m a visual learner. No question.

I don’t listen well. I can’t pay attention to audio books. I have trouble staying focused during long lectures and speeches. Just the way it is. And I think I’m a lot like most of your kids – someone who feels more comfortable using visual stuff like graphic organizers, infographics, photos, and videos as part of my learning process.

So I’ve always love tools like Glogster and Wallwisher and Prezi. They help me “see” what I need to understand. They help me organize information in ways that make sense to me.

And I can hear you thinking way over here:

Yeah. So?

Glogster does have an “educational” version but it’s not the same since they started charging money. Wallwisher is now Padlet and Prezi makes me dizzy.

So . . . I need something else. And today, thanks to Kelly over at iLearn Technology, I’ve got a new toy to play with.

Called Murally, it’s seems like a very cool visual learning tool. It calls itself

Google Docs for Visual People

I haven’t had a ton of time to mess with it but Murally seems like a much easier to tool to use than Prezi and it creates much prettier results than Glogster. Basically Murally lets you create a bulletin board like presentation with embedded text, documents, video, audio, notes, embedded presentations, and web sites. It’s a scrollable space that lets you expand your Mural horizontally and vertically in whatever direction best fits your needs.

The added bonus is that your mural can be a collaborative exercise like Wallwisher / Padlet. Add or subtract people via invite codes or add them one at a time. Start conversations with collaborators within your mural. Make your mural private or public. Murally really is designed to be used in group settings.

You add elements with drag and drop. So it’s incredibly easy to use. And I like that I can easily move stuff around. This seems like a great tool for all sorts of stuff.


Kids can use it to start with research, creating “notecards” organized in sections with documents, primary sources, questions, video clips all sort of clumped together. As they finalize their work, they can re-arrange the content, adding and deleting as needed.

Maybe have a Mural for whole class discussions on primary sources. Create a Mural for reflections during lectures and videos. It looks like a great way for kids to create their own graphic organizers, timelines, and photo collages. Murally could be used as an assessment tool by asking kids to create multi-media RAFTs or reflection boards. Have kids put a topic, event, or person in the center of their Mural and have them connect relevant pieces to it.

Murally seems like it could used in wide variety of digital storytelling ways that can improve your teaching and increase student learning.

Move over Prezi. Murally is riding shotgun.

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