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Tip of the Week: Podstock is a family of learners

Let’s be absolutely clear about this.

This is a commercial. Plain and simple. It is a blatant attempt on my part to suck you into the Podstock family. And I feel pretty good about that.

But if you don’t think you need to be part of an energetic, accepting, supportive, tech-loving, always learning, vibrant, sharing group of people, I’ll understand. Go about your business.

But . . . if you’re even just a little bit curious? Then read on, my friend.

Podstock is our yearly summer tech conference. And it’s a bit hard to describe. Yes. It’s an educational conference. Yes. Educators will be there. Yes. National and regional speakers will be sharing. Yes. Many of the sessions are from classroom teachers who are doing very cool stuff. Yes. The keynote is an awesome 19 year old videographer from Canada who taught himself and roams the world. Yes. There is a pre-conference that focuses on the use of iPads as part of the Common Core. Yes. There is an UnConference piece.

And yes, the brownies served every afternoon are incredible.

But Podstock is more than just a tech conference. Podstock is about building a family of people who care about education, want the system to be a good as it possible can, and are willing to go back into the trenches and change it.

The family started small. And it began with one simple question:

Can learning about technology integration be both fun and effective?

Our answer?

Of course. Why not?

And so Podstock was born. Our first conference focused on podcasting. Together with a love of 60s music, it just seemed right to title our little get-together Podstock.

We invited all of our social networking buddies on Plurk, Twitter and Facebook, added some local  friends and met in Wichita, Kansas – smack dab in the middle of the country.

There were low key sessions, tons of conversation, lots of interaction between sessions, a great band, dancing Friday night and just like that, a tradition was born. We originally thought that we might change the title every year but everyone fell in love with Podstock and now we couldn’t rid of it if we wanted to.

Almost from the very beginning, news of the fun and learning spread. Since that first summer of love, we’ve added more participants, a Volkswagon bus, guitar picks, different music, a 1950s diner, a flash mob, a year book, big hair, heavy metal bands, back stage passes, national sponsors and bowling shirts. Need a little of the buzz?

big hair small

This year, we’re going back to the 1960s but we’re getting away from the summer of love theme a bit. This year our focus is on those who really worked to change the system, the edgy folks who knew a better world was possible. So this year’s theme?


Revolution logo

And the Beatles say it all:

You say you want a revolution
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it’s evolution
We all want to change the world

Podstock is a bunch of cool folks getting together to learn more about how to improve education. Podstock is about creativity, about inspiration, about what’s good for kids. About an educational revolution! And we’ll use whatever it takes – technology, PBL, gaming, online tools . . . we’ll try anything as long as it helps kids learn.

The family gets together this summer – July 17-19 and you need to be there.

Feel free to browse the Podstock site. Need more info? Head over to the FAQs. Ready to sign up? Head over and register.

Want to actually talk to one of the family about Podstock? Email Jaime or call her at 620-663-9566. She’d love to hear from you.

See you this summer!

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