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Tip of the Week: Reading Like a Historian Videos

You may be getting tired of hearing about the work of Sam Wineburg. I do talk about his stuff a lot. I do.

But it’s because the stuff created by Wineburg and others over at the Stanford History Education Group is so good. I’m sure you’ve all been to their site and looked at the 80+ lesson plans – all structured around the concepts of high level historical thinking. I’m sure you’ve all been to the newer Beyond the Bubble historical thinking assessment site.

But perhaps all of you have not seen the the very useful Reading Like a Historian videos. The SHEG people have put together a great series of videos that demonstrated what historical thinking looks like.

I get this a lot:

But what does it look like?

This series of 14 videos helps answer that question. The series is hosted on the Teaching Channel web site. They become very useful as you begin using the SHEG resources and began designing your own lessons. These videos highlight actual teachers and actual classrooms, not some talking head academic. This is real teaching and learning in real schools.

Watch the videos to get a better sense of what it looks like but also use it with kids to model for them the end in mind, to show them what you expect from them.

Have fun!

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