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Doing Social Studies: One more blog about what we love

Do we need another blog about social studies? I mean, there’s got to be hundreds, maybe thousands of blogs that talk about social studies. And almost all of them are very good.

I’m a little biased, of course. I like this one. It’s been around since January 2008 and so I’m kind of invested. But I do think there is room for another social studies blog – the more conversations we have about what we do and how we do it the better.


A new blog.

Titled Doing Social Studies and maintained by the Kansas Council for the Social Studies, the site is a place

for a variety of voices to discuss what high-quality social studies looks like in the 21st century. KCSS board members and other educators from around the state will share ideas, resources, and materials about how we can all do social studies better.

doing social studies logoFull disclosure – I serve on the KCSS board and am part of the writing team that is working to fill the site with content. We hope to use Doing Social Studies as a common meeting place that talks about all sorts of social studies related stuff. I especially like the idea that you’ll hear multiple voices – elementary teachers, secondary, higher ed, administrators, hopefully even a student or two.

The hope is find the best ways to actually do stuff with social studies, rather than just memorize it. To share ideas. Resources. Strategies. And walk away better educators and learners.

Doing Social Studies will have a Kansas twang, to be sure. After all, we’re from around here. So we’ll probably spend time discussing the impact of our new state social studies standards. There’s gonna be discussion about the politics of education in the state. You’ll hear about local examples. But I’m pretty sure you’re gonna find a lot of overlap. Social studies is social studies no matter where you’re at.

Go check it out, join the conversation. It’s new and we’re still finding our feet . . . so give it a few months over the summer and through next fall.

Cause you can never get enough social studies.

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