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Tip of the Week: 4 Bloody Brilliant British Websites


You probably won’t find a ton of US history on the four sites listed below. Cause, well . . . they’re British. But trust me, there are tons of things for just about everyone.

Really. Especially if you’re looking for Ancient, World, European, geography, games, activities, online tools, lesson plans, then you need to take the time to check these out.

BBC History
Yup. That BBC. The British Broadcasting System has put together a pretty impressive History section. You can find a wide assortment of content and fun activities. Not sure where to start? Hang out at the A to Z Index.

Be sure to also head over to their Learning section. Their 50,000 clip library of videos is worth the visit just by itself.

The Guardian Teacher Network
Hosted by perhaps one of the best newspaper in the world,  the network has thousands of innovative free resources and allows you to create, upload and share your own. Lots of articles and interesting blogs.

Created and maintained by history genius and very cool rabble-rouser Russel Tarr, ActiveHistory has an incredible database of ready to use lessons, handouts, and activities. Russel seriously must not sleep much because there is more here than you will ever use. Just a heads up – the site has many free resources but to take full advantage requires a paid registration. I think it’s worth it but there is a free one month trial you can use to test it out for yourself.

I’ve written about ClassTools before. There are some cool things here (like a sweet Facebook template creator) and are free to use. This site is also created by Russel Tarr.

Blimey. All four sites are wicked ace. Have fun!


Update June 10

@History_Ben suggested a great site I had completely forgotten about. The British National Archives. Duh. Great stuff here!

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  1. Very flattered to be featured, Glenn! In terms of US History, I recently added sections to the website on Causes of the American Civil War ( and Events of the Civil War ( and the Civil Rights Struggle ( There’s also plenty on the Wall St. Crash ( and the Cold War ( More no doubt to come soon…!

    June 9, 2013
    • glennw #

      Thanks for the update!

      (And continued good luck with the Michael Gove situation.)


      June 10, 2013

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